About Us


The Morris Fire & Ambulance team has been serving Morris and its surrounding area since May 9,1946.




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Manned by local volunteers, the Morris Fire Company has distinguished itself among the state's volunteer departments.

Over the years, an innovative perspective has enable the Company to stay equipped for myriad emergencies:

  • House Fires
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Health Emergencies
  • Hiking Injuries
  • Critical Injury Transfer

The Fire Company is one of the village's long-time corporate citizens. The Company-sponsored events bring participants from far and wide and have become dates that are highly anticipated every year.


The inaugural snake hunt was held in 1955.

Created by MajorĀ  Fred Bowles and John Mahosky of Arnot, it has been held annually since then. The record snake collection is the 1974 harvest of 369 rattlers; the 1974 event also boasts the largest rattler collected - 53 inches.

Though there have been several snake bites through the years, no one has yet died from the complications.


Lead through history by a series of visionaries, Morris Fire Company remains on the cutting edge of technology and expertise. The future holds much of the same. Creative fund raising and solid stewardship continues to provide our area top-of-the-line equipment and life-saving protection.