- Neighbors Helping Neighbors -

Founded in 1946

Morris Fire Company provides Fire, Rescue, and EMS Coverage to residents of Morris, Pine, Duncan, Cogan House Townships, and a portion of Elk Township.

Manned by local volunteers, the Company has distinguished itself among the state's volunteer departments.

Over the years, an innovative perspective has enabled the Company to stay equipped for myriad emergencies:

  • House Fires
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Health Emergencies
  • Hiking Injuries
  • Critical Injury Transfer

The Fire Company is one of the village's long-time corporate citizens, and Company-sponsored events bring participants from far and wide and have become dates that are highly anticipated every year.


Originally started in 1955, the Annual Rattlesnake Round-up has become an annual tradition. Male rattlers are rounded up from the local area, brought in for measuring and counting, temporarily placed on protected display and then released unharmed back into the area from which they were captured.